3 Qualities of a Great #English #Teacher

As a writer, I am always looking for great mentors who will inspire me to work smarter and harder.  Having a natural way with words, of course, the number one quality I look for in a writing mentor, but there are other traits that I find just as important.

Engaging Personality

Not all extroverts are great writers, but the ability to engage an audience while weaving a story is mind-blowing.  A person’s innate talent to know their audience is astounding to watch.

Knowledge of Subject Matter

A great teacher is an expert in their subject matter.  They have mastered the topic and fought against its boundaries.


Lastly, a hunger for more knowledge, to share what they know, to read more, to write more.  It’s not just a subject, but a way of life.


This post has relevance as an author, but I have touched on the topic once before. My latest book series, (after)life lessons is about a girl who goes to a school where the teachers are famous and deceased. I played a fun game that brings back the most brilliant minds through out history and let’s them teach high school as a spirit.

If you had the ability to see spirits, who would you choose as your English teacher?

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