To My Mom on Her Birthday

Over the years, friends have asked about the secret ingredient in my mom’s famous chocolate chip cookies.  Many have tried to recreate her delicious treats, but few have mastered the art.

This past weekend, my mother and I baked her cookies together, and I discovered her secret ingredient….love.  My mother pours her selfless heart into each cookie, just like she does with everything and everyone in her life.

My mother is caring, thoughtful, giving, wonderful, fun, joyous, loving, and entertaining.  I love her so much.  Happy birthday!!

Check out our video from our baking adventure:

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Happy Halloween!



I Never Turn Down a Tiara on My Birthday

Happy to share my special day with these fabulous (?) people…

Lil Wayne turns 31 today.



Gwyneth Paltrow is 41!



Avril Lavigne turns 29!



Meat Loaf is 66!



And Sam Adams!  (when he was alive)



Happy birthday to us!