My Second Kindle Scout Campaign: Pig Marketing

While surfing the Kindle Scout Forums, I recently read a story about one lucky author’s successful Kindle Scout campaign. She insisted she was the epitome of an indie author, building her grassroots author platform from concept to completion. So how did she manage to gain enough votes to win Kindle Press publishing?

The answer was two words: PIG MARKETING.

I was at a loss for what this meant, but she explained how she leveraged her personal network. She was a member of a Facebook group for pig owners. One picture of Miss Piggy posing with her book was enough to touch the hearts of the group members. Lo and behold, 20,000 fellow pig owners voted for her first novel on Kindle Scout.


I don’t have a pet pig, but for my second Kindle Scout campaign, I will attempt to leverage my personal network. Any advice or suggestions?

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Rehearsals are for Exploring – Writing Drafts Serve the Same Purpose

I came across a great article about using drama lessons to improve your writing. Drama Link

One piece of advice that resonated with me: rehearsals are for exploring. I recently edited the first chapter of my manuscript after receiving comments back from my editor. I still find myself taking risks, altering the story and description until I feel the paragraph is just right.


This lesson can be applied to multiple aspects of my life. In fact, my jazz dance teacher gave similar advice in class and reminded us it’s okay to fall down in class. It’s our place to test our boundaries!


Lastly, we took the cats to the vet. They know how to explore!



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