Managing Your Social Media Presence – #twitter #facebook #youtube #pinterest #wordpress #tumblr

That’s a ton of hashtags!

As a millennial, it isn’t surprising that I LOVE social media.  I am the person walking down the street with her phone in her hand.  I guess I don’t need to “disconnect.”  It’s fun to catch up with friends, or read local news, or post my favorite cat meme.

However, as an author, the task of sharing on social media is daunting.  I don’t mind if my Aunt Sally doesn’t comment on my picture of dinner last night, but there is a negative outcome if people don’t like my author posts…they won’t read my books!  The trick is to ensure the information you share is interesting and useful for the reader.  Keep ’em coming back for more!

Today’s post is an example.  I prepared the picture below, which is a setting for my book called The Light of Supremazia, and I’m going to write this blog post on managing your social media and post it on all my sites.  The picture might be intriguing for a potential reader, but if not, at least they got some value out of my post on social media presence.

Merciless Necropolis

Here are all the sites today’s theme will be posted on:






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4 thoughts on “Managing Your Social Media Presence – #twitter #facebook #youtube #pinterest #wordpress #tumblr

  1. Good post. Social media is such a big part of an author’s workload these days, and managing it can be difficult. I spend a significant chunk of my day managing my social media (I’m guessing you do too). I don’t use Pinterest or Tumblr because I haven’t found a good way to consistently use those platforms for what I do. Any words of advice there?

  2. Thanks, Aeryn! Yes, social media takes up so much of my day!

    As for tumblr and Pinterest…

    I used to write all my blog posts on my tumblr account, but I didn’t like the structure, so I switched over to wordpress 3 years ago. I feel like tumblr is similar to instagram. It’s more about pictures with small blurbs of information.

    As for pinterest, I literally use it as a pinning board. It started with planning my wedding. It helped organize my ideas, but now I use it for everything. Setting up a pinterest page for a new book is actually the first thing I do. I pin visual representations of things I am picturing in my book – a setting, a quote, a person who reminds me of a character, the clothing, etc. By the time I get to the marketing phase, I’ve already pinned tons of pictures!

    I hope that helps.

    • I have so few pictures beyond the covers of my books, stories, etc., but I like your idea of pinning visual representations of things in the book. That could be doable. Thanks for the pointers!

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